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Your Practice Pros Mentor is a sunny California native with a bright infectious smile. Her natural ability to connect with people and her strong entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her first business during her college days at Hampton University and has carried over to her unique career in social work.

Samara launched Perfected Practice, a nationwide mentoring program for mental health entrepreneurs in 2013 after a decade of growing, The Stone Foundation, a pro-insurance group practice in Maryland. Known for her wealth of knowledge and dynamic presentation style, she naturally inspires people to develop the emotional resilience and creative strategies they need to grow personally and professionally.

Samara has decades of experience in the field that she brings  to serving as a mentor. This experience allows her to create a perfect union between you and your expertise as well as how you can monetize it in the field to build a unique career for yourself.



Your Clarity Coach, is a quiet yet masterful problem solver from Baltimore, MD. Her insight, keen powers of observation and pragmatic approach makes her the “go to” when it’s time to take any project to the next level.

Her work with The Stone Foundation and Perfected Practice since 2011 has been key to creating a unique and seamless experience for the thousands of lives touched by the products and services offered.   From mapping strategies to design that communicates in layers, Keisha is able to create an online presence that resonates with the audience it is intended to connect with.

Keisha has a trained ear that is able to hear the nuance in what lies beneath the surface of your brand.  These insights and her knowledge of client therapist dynamics allows her to create custom strategies and meaningful brands for mental health entrepreneurs.  When it comes to building brands and creating custom strategies for clients, Keisha is able to give the inside scoop on how to properly position your mental health business.


Back in 2012 when we were looking to expand and learn what it takes to grow a business we invested in our first high end business development program for entrepreneurs. This program would bring entrepreneurs from around the world together all with the goal to grow their businesses. Who knew that we were at the beginning of such an awesome adventure?

Since then, we we have been in some interesting places with thousands of unique and passionate entrepreneurs… learning, growing and progressing. Just seeing what others were doing would get our creative juices flowing.  Sometimes we would map out entire branding strategies for folks… complete with the look and feel of the brand and how they could monetize it. Our casual conversations continually went towards design, strategy and monetization for entrepreneurs. We could see how the folks who were in total alignment with their message had a clarity and confidence that removed hesitation and had them moving forward and making quick progress. Eventually we found ourselves selecting our favorite entrepreneurs and mapping out the structure of their whole business complete with branding, just for fun! I guess you could say we are a little geeky because we didn’t just love it we lived for it!

Entrepreneurship is not easy and without confidence it is almost impossible to show up in a way that gives you the visibility you need to grow.  Add to that the actual technical sides of design.  The artistic eye and the tech savvy know how that goes in to actually creating a place for your brand to live online. After doing this with so many different kinds of businesses we began to dream of one day revamping businesses for brick and mortar entrepreneurs who needed restructuring. 

But there was something interesting that began to happen within the private practice coaching practice. We noticed that not only did mental health professionals need practical lessons on how to start and grow their business, they also had NO IDEA what branding was and how it impacted their business. 
For a field that already struggles with self-promotion and money mindset, not having branding was really slowing down the potential to not only fill their private practices with clients they love, but to begin exploring brand extensions…multiple streams of income that make sense from your unique niche. 
IN FACT, we found that most mental health entrepreneurs reject the idea of branding and marketing. 

These two concepts have been considered negative and unnecessary… but if you are reading this… you are either curious or ready to learn the truth about branding, marketing and the difference between the two.  Click below for a FREE WEBINAR to get you started.